Strict Anti E-cigarette Regulations Implemented in Western Australia


The Western Australian government has implemented strict anti-e-cigarette rules in public schools to combat student usage.

According to a report by 9news, the government of Western Australia is implementing stringent anti-e-cigarette regulations to combat student use of e-cigarettes. Public school students who are found using e-cigarettes face the consequence of losing their supposed “good standing” and may also be prohibited from participating in graduation ceremonies, dances, and other activities.

In the past year, a total of 2,000 students have been detained by schools due to their use of e-cigarettes.

Western Australia’s Education Minister Tony Buti has emphasised a clear message to students and their parents in the region, stating that e-cigarettes are hazardous and it is imperative to discontinue their usage.

The government plans to introduce a mandatory anti-e-cigarette program within the next five to seven years. Neil Smith, the president of the Western Australian Primary School Principals’ Association, hopes for a prompt implementation of this initiative.

This month, the border forces seized illicit e-cigarettes worth over 11 million dollars.

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