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A Possible Tax Rise on E-cigarettes in Korea

A speculation in vaping and tobacco industries comes that the South Korea government could rise taxes on e-cigarettes to increase tax revenue . How does this happen ? In the plenary session at the National Assembly on April 17 , Bae Jun-young , a lawmaker from the governing People Power Party , asked the Economy […]

Vapitaly and IECIE Join Forces to Boost Opportunity

以下文章来源于vaporvoice ,作者vaporvoice By Norm Bour If we look back at vape events and conventions over the past decade, many have come, and most have gone. In 2013, the Electronic Cigarette Convention, known as ECC, was launched in Ontario, California, and for many years was the 800-pound gorilla of e-cigarette trade shows. Others caught wind of the […]

1/3 of Vape Shops Close in Succession after Taiwan Vape Ban

Vape shops in Kaohsiung City have closed 15 out of 44 since Taiwan’s vaping ban went into effect on March 22, according to the city’s Department of Health. Among the city’s 44 stores, 10 have completely shut down their businesses while 15 have closed their doors, according to media reports. According to Taiwan News, the rest of […]

UK to Initiate the Switch of Cigarettes to Vapes

Up to one million smokers will be encouraged to swap cigarettes for “vapes”, with pregnant women subsidized to switch in this world first, the British government said on Tuesday. “Up to two out of three lifelong smokers will die from smoking. Cigarettes are the only product on sale which will kill you if used correctly,” […]

Serbia Outlaws E-cigarette Sales to Minors

Sellers of e-cigarettes and similar products will be fined around €430 for selling to minors, according to a recent amendment to the Law on Consumer Protection. According to EurActive, in Serbia, minors can purchase e-cigarettes and other products such as vapes in local markets, kiosks, and even in coffee shops, though sellers will now be fined […]

Russia: A Blue Sea for Chinese E-cigarettes

With the withdrawal of European and American tobacco markets and the gradual reduction of foreign e-cigarette brands doing business in Russia resulting from its war with Ukraine, it will be a blue sea for Chinese e-cigarettes to go to Russia in the next 3 years. As Russia’s tobacco industry relies heavily on the support and […]

Youths Invaded by E-cigarettes, Taiwan Passed a Ban

 A ban on electronic cigarettes passed the third legislative reading on Thursday (Jan. 12) in a move to address the increasing popularity of vaping products in Taiwan’s youths. The sale, manufacture, and supply of e-cigarettes will be outlawed, however, heated tobacco products (HTPs) will only be subjected to tighter regulation, according to an amendment to […]