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Why Choose the IECIE Business Matchmaking Platform?

01 Abundant manufacturing resources

IECIE Vape Show originated in Shenzhen, China, a vital hub for the global electronic cigarette industry, bringing together numerous outstanding manufacturing enterprises along the electronic cigarette industry chain. Having served over 5000+ vape-related businesses, whether you’re looking for manufacturers, suppliers, or other partners, the IECIE Business Matchmaking Platform is the ideal place to discover potential collaborators.

02 Professional procurement advice and recommendations

With years of deep involvement in the electronic cigarette industry, we have accumulated rich experience and knowledge. Whether you’re a newcomer or an industry veteran, we can provide you with professional procurement advice and recommendations, helping you make informed business decisions.

03 Efficient online matching

Business matchmaking is not limited to the exhibition venue. We offer efficient online matching services, allowing you to publish your procurement needs anytime, anywhere. We will respond promptly and find the best matches for you.

How to Showcase Your Business in the Business Directory?

Submit Company Information

Fill out your company information form

Review and Communication

Undergo thorough review and communication with the IECIE team, ensuring accurate information.

Showcase Company Information

Go live with your company details on the IECIE Business Matchmaking Platform's business directory. Potential clients can view your company information.

Close Deals

Potential clients initiate inquiries through the platform, ultimately closing deals.

How to Have Professionals Recommend Suppliers for You?

Submit Procurement Needs

Complete the procurement needs form.

Review and Communication

Undergo thorough review and communication with the IECIE team, to confirm the clarity of the procurement requirements.

Recommend Relevant Suppliers

Based on your requirements, the IECIE team will recommend relevant suppliers to you.

Close Deals

Consult and obtain quotations, ultimately closing deals.