Innovation and Collaboration at Vapitaly PRO 2023: IECIE Supports the Creation of a Professional Vaping Extravaganza


Dear enthusiasts of the vaping industry, Vapitaly PRO, the electronic cigarette exhibition, grandly opened its doors on November 4, 2023! This exhibition is jointly presented by IECIE and the internationally renowned electronic cigarette exhibition Vapitaly, offering a visual and gustatory feast for the vaping community.

Vapitay PRO

Professional B2B Vaping Expo

Vapitaly PRO took place on November 4-5, 2023, at the Rome Exhibition Center in Italy, spanning two days. In contrast to the Vapitaly electronic cigarette exhibition held in Verona, Italy, Vapitaly PRO is positioned with greater clarity and precision, renowned for its professionalism. The focus of this exhibition is on B2B transactions, attracting a diverse audience of precise brick-and-mortar stores and distributors from around the globe, gathering to explore the latest electronic cigarette products, innovative technologies, and industry trends.

Exciting Workshop Seminars

On-site, attendees participated in a series of professional workshop seminars, gaining profound insights and knowledge about the industry. These seminars provided unique opportunities for participants to engage with industry leaders, staying abreast of the dynamic developments in the vaping sector. In addition, Vapitaly PRO prepared various exciting activities for visitors, including competitions, giveaways, and professional lectures.

Vapitay PRO

Latest Products and Trends

With 70+ participating brands, primarily featuring European local brands, the exhibition showcased different types of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, flavoring oils, accessories, and devices, reflecting the popular trends in the European electronic cigarette market.

Vapitay PRO Vapitay PRO

Deep Collaboration between IECIE and Vapitaly

The profound collaboration between IECIE and Vapitaly has brought forth more opportunities and excitement for the exhibition. Whether you seek to understand the latest industry trends or are looking for partners and development opportunities, Vapitaly PRO fulfills your expectations.

Vapitay PRO

Stay tuned!!

Next year’s Vapitaly 2024 is already scheduled to take place from May 25 to 27, 2024, at the Verona Exhibition Center. With upgraded excitement, it’s definitely worth the anticipation!

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