Polish Man Arrested for Producing and Selling Untaxed E-liquid


A 19-year-old Polish man from Lubartów has been detained for illegally producing and selling e-liquid without paying taxes.

According to a report from Polish media outlet dziennikwschodni on November 8th, a 19-year-old Polish man from Lubartów has been detained by criminal investigators, as well as Lublin Customs and Tax Authorities, for producing homemade e-liquid at his residence.

According to the police investigation, the man first purchased the materials for making e-liquid online, and then proceeded to produce and sell e-cigarette products from his residence. The search report reveals that the man had approximately 28 liters of e-cigarette production ingredients.

According to the tax bureau’s estimation, the total amount of unremitted consumption tax involved by the man exceeds 30,000 zlotys.

Currently, the man has been detained and will appear in court for the production and sale of e-liquid without paying consumption tax. In the future, he could potentially face significant fines and a maximum of two years in prison.

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