Yale University: Influence of Social Media on Teen E-cigarette Use


According to a new study from Yale University, teenagers who frequently use social media are more likely to try e-cigarettes.

According to a report by Portugal’s uol, a new study from Yale University in the United States suggests that teenagers who frequently use social media are more likely to experiment with e-cigarettes.

Between 2016 and 2019, researchers conducted a study on over 7,000 adolescents aged 12 to 16. The study findings revealed that individuals who frequently use social media are three times more likely to experiment with e-cigarettes compared to infrequent users. Researchers highlighted that social media platforms depict e-cigarettes as trendy, healthy, and safe, resulting in increased peer pressure and a higher likelihood of trying e-cigarettes.

Psychologist Caroline Nóbrega warns of the inherent dangers of social networking platforms, citing their tendency to expose individuals to superficial media content rather than providing comprehensive information about the pros and cons. Nóbrega particularly highlights the potential harm this can inflict on children and teenagers who may be unaware of the extent of these risks.

However, no direct correlation has been found between social media usage and continued e-cigarette use.

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