Proposal for Lifetime Smoking Ban on Russian Youth

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Russian State Duma member Sultan Hamzaev proposes a lifelong smoking ban for teenagers in Russia, citing concerns over tobacco consumption.

According to a report from Russian media outlet on December 28, State Duma member Sultan Hamzaev has proposed implementing a lifetime ban on smoking for teenagers in Russia.

Hamzaev believes that tobacco companies often circumvent national restrictions, finding loopholes in sales to increase public consumption of tobacco. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are seen as a tool that encourages citizens to develop a smoking habit.

He stated, “Why should we allow children to become addicted to smoking? If the younger generation, aged 13 to 15, haven’t been exposed to tobacco and haven’t developed a dependency on this product, then a lifelong smoking ban should be implemented.

Since 2023, New Zealand has implemented a lifelong smoking ban for individuals born after 2009.

A few years ago, the idea was also discussed by the Russian Ministry of Health. According to a 2023 survey conducted by a prominent job website, 50% of Russians are open to borrowing experiences from New Zealand.

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