Russia’s State Duma Considers Banning E-cigarette Production and Sales


Russian parliament proposes gradually banning production and sales of e-cigarettes due to their increasing popularity.

According to a report by the Russian media outlet “Parliamentary Gazette” on November 13, the Deputy Chairman of the Industry and Trade Committee of the Russian State Duma, Alexander Spiridonov, stated in an interview with Duma TV that due to the widespread usage of e-cigarettes, there should be a gradual ban on their production and sales at this stage.

Previously, Biisultan Khamzaev, a member of the National Duma Security and Anti-Corruption Committee, voiced support for an initiative to ban the use of flavored e-cigarettes.

He believes that doing so will reduce the appeal of e-cigarettes. Additionally, in October, the congressman also expressed support for refusing to sell tobacco products on social media.

It has been reported that a proposal is expected to be introduced soon that would prohibit the promotion of nicotine-containing products online. In addition, lawmakers have suggested imposing fines on illegal e-cigarette advertisements.

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