Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty


Greetings, vaping friends! I appreciate the lively interactions we had on Instagram following my last review. A big shout-out to all our supportive friends. Issue 204 brought a unique flavor experience. So, what kind of device steps up to the plate today? Enter the Radiator MTL RTA, our star of the show.

Product Overview

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Radiator MTL RTA (with 1.2mm airflow pin)
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 1 PC Glass Tank
  • 1 Spare Kit
  • 4 AFC Rings (2×0.8/2×1.0/2×1.4/2×1.6mm)

Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

Designed by Benzene Ring Company, produced by Auguse, and proudly made in China.

Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

Captain’s Detailed Analysis

A. First Impressions & Design

  • The Radiator MTL RTA at first glance reminds me of the Flash-e-Vapor RTA, but with a twist – it boasts a unique top airflow structure.Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty
  • The intricate airflow design, utilizing turbulence technology, ensures smooth inhalation, surpassing similar devices like the Flash-e-Vapor RTA in terms of balanced vapor delivery.Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty
  • This thoughtful design enhances the vape’s flavor profile, offering a more nuanced and diverse taste experience – a testament to innovative design and functional improvement.Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

B. Build Quality & Design Choices

  • Frankly, the build quality is average. The base engraving lacks finesse, and the refilling mechanism is quite outdated, requiring complete disassembly, which seems cumbersome for 2023 standards.
  • The air pins, however, are a highlight. With bullet-shaped and straight-through designs, they offer excellent compatibility and adaptability for various vaping experiences.Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain DirtyRadiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

C. Coil & Juice Recommendations

  • For the coil, I recommend simple wires like A1 for a slow heat-up and better flavor resolution, particularly for tobacco or complex tobacco flavors.
  • For dessert juices, go for a single-core Clapton coil. Avoid dual-core due to the internal air pressure build-up, and don’t chase high power – it’s a quintessential MTL device.Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty

Captain’s Verdict

In summary, for those who love tobacco or complex, non-fruity desserts, this is a must-have. It promises a superior vaping experience compared to the Flash-e-Vapor RTA. If you’re not overly concerned about material quality, its craftsmanship is above average, with reliable quality control.

So, vape on, as we always say at TrueToy – VAPE HOW WE ROLL, ALL IN TRUETOY. This is Captain Dirty, signing off. Curious about my next review? Drop a comment, and I’ll see you in the next issue!

Where to buy Radiator MTL RTA

Radiator MTL RTA Review by Captain Dirty




Build Quality




Vaping Experience


Radiator MTL RTA receives high ratings for innovative design and excellent vaping experience, but loses points for average build quality and outdated refilling mechanism, affecting user convenience.

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