Decrease in Smoking Rate Among Macau Citizens

Decrease in Smoking Rate Among Macau Citizens


According to Macau Post, the smoking rate among Macau citizens has decreased by 36% in the past decade.

According to a report by the Macau Post on November 15th, the Health Bureau of China’s Macau Special Administrative Region (SSM) has announced that the smoking rate among Macau citizens has decreased by 36% over the past decade. In comparison to 16.6% in 2011, only approximately 10.6% of the population is still smoking in 2022.

In a statement, the Macao Health Bureau (SSM) highlighted that the Tobacco Control Law came into effect in January 2012. It prohibits smoking in numerous public places in Macao, China, and also restricts cigarette advertising. The SSM further emphasized the success of its smoking cessation clinics, which offer free support services to anyone looking to quit smoking.

Furthermore, despite factors such as smoking bans in public places and restrictions on tobacco advertising, there has been an increase in the usage of e-cigarettes among teenagers.

According to SSM, 4% of teenagers aged 13 to 15 in Macau, China reported using e-cigarettes in 2021, a higher percentage compared to 2.6% in 2015. SSM did not disclose the impact of the e-cigarette manufacturing, distribution, sales, import, and export ban that will be implemented in December 2022 on these figures.

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