Lincoln Public Schools to Install E-Cigarette Sensors

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Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska plans to install approximately 150 e-cigarette sensors in its middle and high schools.

According to a report by Journalstar on November 14, Lincoln Public Schools in Nebraska, USA, is planning to install approximately 150 e-cigarette detectors in nine high schools and twelve middle schools.

The Lincoln Education Committee has approved a purchase of nearly $200,000 of e-cigarette sensors from Kidwell Electric. Lincoln East High School is currently the only school within the district that has installed e-cigarette sensors, but this situation will soon change.

According to Ryan Zabawa, the Student Services Supervisor, the school district has not yet decided which middle schools will receive the newly installed e-cigarette detectors in this round. The exact timeline for installation has also not been specified. However, Zabawa expressed his hope that these devices will be implemented as soon as possible in all middle and high schools within the district.

Within a month of installing e-cigarette sensors, Lincoln East High School has seen a noticeable decrease in the use of e-cigarettes on campus. The school district plans to gather more accurate data on the impact and effectiveness of the e-cigarette sensors after using this technology for a period of time.

However, despite the fact that these devices may prevent students from using e-cigarettes within school premises, schools cannot guarantee that students will refrain from using e-cigarettes outside of the campus.

Zabawa affirmed that he is confident that students at Lincoln East High School are no longer using e-cigarettes on campus.

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