Proposed Regulations for E-Cigarettes in Brazil to be Discussed in Public Consultation

Brazilian Government Considers Regulations for E-Cigarettes in Public Consultation
Brazilian health regulatory agency, Anvisa, will discuss the future development of e-cigarettes in the country with a 60-day public consultation.

Recently, the Brazilian media outlet Olhardigital reported that the Brazilian National Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) is considering opening a public consultation period to seek opinions from the society. If approved, this consultation period would provide a 60-day timeframe for stakeholders to express their views and help determine the future development of e-cigarettes in Brazil.

Previously, the Anvisa committee spent over 7 hours listening to public institutions’ perspectives on the regulation of DEF (e-cigarette devices) and the potential impact it may have on the smuggling of these devices and the health of the Brazilian population.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health, the National Cancer Institute (INCA), as well as the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, among other institutions, have issued statements.

According to Resolution No. 46 of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), the production and sale of e-cigarette devices have been prohibited since 2009.

On October 17th, Brazilian Senator Soraya Thronicke presented Bill No. 5,008/2023, proposing regulation of the e-cigarette trade in the country. The proposal aims to authorize the production, importation, and sale of these devices nationwide.

The proposed bill suggests establishing concrete regulations such as prohibiting sales to users under the age of 18, vetoing the production of open system devices, and banning packaging with sweet fragrances or child-like imagery.

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