November 21, 2023 — The pod system expert, ANYX’s “10 million thanks for ANY X 1” campaign comes to an end.  With over 50 global distributors participating and reaching 35 regions worldwide, the event generated a significant impact, resulting in over ten million dollars in concessions. To facilitate global fan participation, the brand organized a series of online and offline events as a token of gratitude to its supporters. 

 Innovation is Driven By Users’ Preferences

As an expert in the pod-system vape category, ANYX has consistently adhered to the principle of being driven by user preferences. During the anniversary event, the brand invited global vapors to participate in the “Create Your Dream Flavor” campaign, attracting over 20,000 fans worldwide. To enhance the event’s appeal, users were allowed to introduce unprecedented elements into the flavor creation process, such as fragrances and extraterrestrial elements. Notably, the final result, “Space Berry,” emerged as the highly anticipated flavor set to launch during this Christmas.

Always Care About Users Experiences

Coinciding with the commencement of ANYX’s anniversary celebrations, the flagship product ANYX PRO has been selected by some KOLs(Key Opinion Leaders)   for “Pod system Blind Taste Tests” in Europe. It received exceptionally high praise and is regarded as the champion. Within just two weeks, the largest pod-system ANYX MAX PLUS was recognized by the industry media outlet VAPE.HK as one of the best POD VAPES of 2023. These accolades can be attributed to ANYX’s commitment to a user-centric operational philosophy and the strong technological background provided by the EIGATE Group.

Generous Benefits as a Token of Gratitude:

The highlight of the anniversary event was the substantial discounts offered. According to sources, ANYX provided significant retail discounts on its official website during the event, resulting in a 300% increase in the sales of ANYX devices and a 500% increase in pods sales. Simultaneously, the brand expressed appreciation for its distributors with a substantial discount policy, resulting in a 300% growth in shipments compared to previous periods.

As ANYX concludes its one-year anniversary celebrations, the brand remains dedicated to its user-driven approach, innovation, and delivering exceptional experiences to its community. The success of the anniversary event is a testament to the brand’s commitment to its users and the continued growth of ANYX in the dynamic vaping industry.

About ANYX

ANYX is a user-driven brand. Our entrepreneurial attitude allows us to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality products for our users while simultaneously creating value for our partners.We always put enjoyment and sensory pleasure at the top of our core values.We are an atomization technology company integrating a strong R&D team (consisting of 120+ engineers), production, and sales and an advanced digital marketing inventory management system.We are proud of owning more than 2300 industry patents and 120 production lines covering 3 production bases.Our list of management certifications is extensive, which includes ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO20000/GMP, etc.

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Follow ANYX on social media: @anyxglobal

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