Recent Regulatory Changes and Market Trends in the E-Cigarette Industry (11.27-12.03)

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Australia to ban disposable e-cigarettes from 2024, allow doctors to prescribe them, and restrict imports.

On November 28th, the Australian Minister of Health, Mark Butler, announced a ban on disposable e-cigarettes entering Australia from January 2024. Furthermore, starting from January 2024, doctors and nurses in Australia will be granted the authority to prescribe e-cigarettes to patients, who will be able to purchase them at pharmacies. Additionally, as of March 2024, the importation of personal e-cigarettes will be prohibited, and the importation of non-therapeutic open systems will also be banned.

France has announced plans to increase the minimum price of cigarettes to 13 euros starting in 2026 and to prohibit the sale of disposable e-cigarettes, with the aim of shaping a “smoke-free generation” by 2032.

New Zealand abolishes smoking ban regulations, posing a threat to global anti-smoking efforts. Documents reveal that the new coalition government will only impose taxes on smoking products and reform regulations on alternatives such as e-cigarettes, including prohibiting disposable e-cigarettes and implementing stricter penalties for selling e-cigarettes to underage customers.

Recently, the UK government official website released a consultation report, which mentioned the most popular e-cigarette brands in the market as well as the average prices of e-cigarettes.

Russia will enforce stricter regulations on the distribution of e-cigarettes and related products by implementing a ban on unmarked products from December 1st. This move aims to enhance the management of tobacco product distribution.

On November 21, the “2023 Guangdong Manufacturing Top 500 Enterprises Research Report” was released at the 2023 Guangdong Manufacturing Top 500 Summit held in Foshan. The report revealed that seven companies involved in e-cigarette production were included in the list. These companies are Changying Precision, Wistron, Micron, Yinghe Technology, Jinkia Corporation, VOOPOO Technology, and FirstUnion Technology.

ELFBAR’s e-cigarette recycling advertisement in the UK has been accused of being misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) due to complaints from companies such as Imperial Tobacco, resulting in its ban. In response, ELFBAR has expressed its respect for ASA’s decision and has taken measures to ensure stricter self-restraint in their advertising and marketing practices, as conveyed to 2FIRSTS.

ELFBAR and LOST MARY, two e-cigarette brands, have announced that they will cease producing flavored e-cigarettes that appeal to minors, and have urged the UK government to introduce a licensing system.

Turkish officials have seized a record-breaking 275,520 e-cigarettes and 35.2 kilograms of cocaine, marking the highest number of disposable e-cigarettes confiscated in history.

BAT Korea is anticipated to bring Vuse Go 800 e-cigarette to the entire Korean market, while in addition, PMI may introduce new e-cigarette products in the future.

MONS, an e-cigarette brand, is set to launch its new models MONS BILLOW BLACK and MONS BILLOW WHITE on December 6th.

E-cigarette brand LOST MARY plans to enter the Philippine market with the launch of their new high-capacity e-cigarette, the MO10000.

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