Russian Health Ministry Urges Ban on E-Cigarette Additives to Safeguard Public Health

The Russian Health Ministry has raised concerns about the potential risks associated with additives in e-cigarettes, particularly to the health of children and teenagers. Dr. Marinè Gambarian, Director of the Tobacco Consumption Prevention and Control Center at the Russian Ministry of Health, emphasizes the need for a ban on these additives to effectively protect citizens.

In a recent interview reported by Russian media outlet Life [1], Dr. Gambarian highlighted the significant health risks posed by the ingredients present in e-cigarette aerosols. Numerous studies have already confirmed the adverse effects of these substances, underscoring the urgency of taking preventive measures.

The Russian Ministry of Health has taken a proactive stance by releasing a comprehensive list of substances that should be prohibited in e-cigarettes. This list is accompanied by detailed explanations of how these substances can negatively impact the body. Dr. Gambarian firmly believes that a thorough understanding of the information on additives in this list is crucial for public awareness and health protection.

As the Russian Health Ministry advocates for a ban on certain additives in e-cigarettes, the goal is to safeguard public health, especially that of children and adolescents. By addressing the potential risks associated with these substances, the Ministry aims to promote a safer environment for e-cigarette users. This proactive approach aligns with the commitment to prioritize the well-being of citizens and underscores the importance of staying informed about the potential health hazards of e-cigarette additives.


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