Phuket Mayor: Concerns about Proliferation of E-cigarettes in Educational Institutions


Phuket Mayor expresses serious concern over the rampant use of e-cigarettes in educational institutions, fearing an increase in self-made e-cigarette liquid among teenagers.

According to the news from Matichon on November 12th, the mayor of Phuket Island expressed serious concern about the rampant use of e-cigarettes within educational institutions. There is growing apprehension regarding the increasing number of teenagers independently producing e-cigarette liquid.

During the period from October 1, 2022, to September 30, 2023, a concerning trend of e-cigarette usage has been observed within educational institutions on the island of Phuket. Furthermore, it has come to light that young individuals have been experimenting with the creation of homemade e-liquids in various forms.

The prevalence of drug addiction in the area has shown an alarming increase, as revealed by the drug popularity report. Both buyers and sellers are contributing to this spreading drug problem. In response, strict measures have been implemented by the authorities in Phuket province to prevent and reduce drug-related issues. The police and administrative officials have been assigned to closely monitor the island’s network, taking necessary actions to address this concerning situation.

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