Thai Anti-Trafficking Police Seize Millions Worth of Smuggled E-Cigarettes


Thai anti-human trafficking organization (ATP) seized over 60,500 e-cigarettes and other devices worth over 10 million baht in a private distribution center.

According to a report by Thai media outlet Pattaya One on November 10th, the Anti-Trafficking in Persons unit of Thailand (ATP) seized a total of 60,500 e-cigarettes, e-cigarette liquids, and other related devices in a private distribution center in the city of Chonburi. The total value of this seizure amounted to over 10 million Thai Baht, equivalent to approximately 2 million Chinese Yuan.

An anonymous informant has reported to the authorities that a private distribution center is engaged in smuggling activities, involving the illicit importation of e-cigarettes, e-cigarette liquid, and other related devices. Following this tip-off, the authorities have subsequently requested permission to inspect the alleged products from the private distribution site.

After a police search, 29 boxes of controversial items were discovered, including e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and other devices, with a total value exceeding 10 million Thai baht.

ATP officials have confiscated controversial assets as evidence and have pledged to conduct further investigations to identify and prosecute those responsible for the crimes.

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