Ohio City Council Enacts 6-Month Moratorium on E-Cigarette and Marijuana Establishments

Ohio City Council Passes 6-Month Ban on E-Cigarette and Marijuana Businesses
Ohio’s city council unanimously passed a six-month ban on new e-cigarette and marijuana businesses, citing public health and safety concerns.

According to a report by the American News Pioneer on December 6th, the city council of Painesville, Ohio unanimously passed a ban on new e-cigarette retail stores and marijuana businesses for a period of six months.

On December 4th, the City Management Report announced that this regulation will provide time for the assessment of the qualitative and regulatory aspects of the relevant areas, citing public health and safety needs. During the meeting, members of the city council discussed the impact of the related business activities.

The report further points out, “Although we do not intend to prohibit these businesses from operating in the city of Payneville, we have concerns about the number, size, and geographic location of these establishments.”

City Manager Doug Lewis has stated that officials will present their findings to the city council over the next six months and assured that they will “make every effort” to complete the work within the designated timeframe, although he also acknowledged the possibility of a delay.

The city management report expresses growing concerns about the impact on public health, whether it is related to regulations on e-cigarette retail stores or marijuana retail stores. The report emphasizes that studies have indicated potential health risks associated with e-cigarettes, particularly among young individuals.

In addition, a bill allowing the use of medical marijuana has been passed in the state of Ohio, according to reports from the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program. The state’s first medical marijuana dispensary was opened in January 2019.

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