Ireland’s Regulatory Guidelines for Tobacco, Nicotine Chewing Tablets, and Heated Tobacco: What You Need to Know

Regulation on Consumable Tobacco, Nicotine Chewing Tablets and Heated Tobacco in Ireland recently released a report on the regulation of oral tobacco, nicotine chewing gum, and heated tobacco in Ireland.

According to a press release from PR Newswire on December 6th, has recently published a report titled “Regulation of Oral Tobacco, Nicotine Chewing Products, and Heated Tobacco in Ireland.

This report provides a detailed analysis of the current regulations on oral tobacco and nicotine chewing products in Ireland. The report suggests that significant changes are not expected in the near future. However, the regulation of nicotine chewing products may be subject to changes, largely depending on the forthcoming European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and Tobacco Excise Directive (TED).

The report also thoroughly analyzed the regulations currently in place in Ireland regarding heated tobacco products, including all existing and potential future regulations. In Ireland, the Public Health (Tobacco) Act governs the advertising, retail, and public use of tobacco products, while the European Union (Manufacture, Presentation and Sale of Tobacco and Related Products) Regulations classify smokeless tobacco products as novel tobacco products and establish notification requirements and labeling and packaging restrictions for them.

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