Russian Governor Advocates for Complete Prohibition of E-cigarette Sales

Russian Governor Calls for Full Ban on E-cigarette Sales
Russian Perm Governor Dmitriy Makhonin proposes a total ban on e-cigarette sales, citing difficulty in regulating the industry.

According to VKontakte’s report on December 7th, the Governor of Perm Krai, Dmitry Makhonin, expressed his belief in a live social media broadcast that the sale of e-cigarettes should be completely prohibited. He argued that sales of e-cigarettes should be restricted in all locations. He further emphasized that the responsibility for implementing such restrictions should fall under the purview of the Federal Ministry of Health.

In a live broadcast, Dmitriy Makhonin revealed that the government of Perm Krai has teamed up with legislators to implement a ban on the sale of tobacco-containing mixtures by street vendors and in public activity areas, effective from March 1st this year. He emphasized the challenges in monitoring the implementation of these activities and highlighted the occurrence of numerous disorderly behaviors in this domain.

In response to this phenomenon, Dmitriy Makhonin argues for a complete ban on the sale of e-cigarettes at street stalls. If any violations are found, he proposes sealing off the illegal vendors and taking action against both the individuals involved and their stalls.

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