Notice on Updating List of Certified E-cigarette Testing Institutions

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The National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau updates the list of certified e-cigarette inspection and testing agencies.

Notice from the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration regarding the update of the list of certified e-cigarette inspection and testing institutions.

Country Tobacco Industry [2023] No. 170

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Each provincial tobacco monopoly bureau, China Tobacco Corporation’s Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, Shanghai New Tobacco Products Research Institute Ltd., and relevant units,

According to the notice from the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau regarding the certification of e-cigarette inspection and testing institutions (National Cigarette Science [2022] No. 81), the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau has conducted a review and evaluation certification of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tobacco Quality Supervision and Testing Station and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Tobacco Quality Supervision and Testing Station. The list of certified e-cigarette inspection and testing institutions has been updated and can be found in the attachment.

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