WHO Urges Countries to Ban Flavored E-cigarettes for Public Health

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WHO Urges Nations to Treat E-Cigarettes like Traditional Tobacco, Ban All Flavors to Protect Citizens from Harmful Risks.

According to a report by Bisnis.com on December 28, the World Health Organization (WHO) has called on countries to treat e-cigarettes the same way as traditional tobacco and to ban all flavors.

According to a survey conducted by WHO, approximately one-fifth of American adults, or 11 million people, are using e-cigarettes. Increasing evidence suggests that the harmful substances produced by e-cigarettes can damage the lungs and increase the risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases.

The WHO is urging countries to implement stringent measures to prevent the spread of e-cigarettes in order to protect their citizens, especially children and adolescents. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has warned that young people who use e-cigarettes may become addicted to both e-cigarettes and nicotine from an early age.

As of July this year, a total of 34 countries, including Brazil, India, Iran, and Thailand, have banned e-cigarettes. However, in 74 countries, including Pakistan, Colombia, and Mongolia, primarily located in Africa, there is still no formal regulation on e-cigarettes. In major markets such as the United States and China, e-cigarettes are allowed by the government but subject to certain usage regulations.

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