Huge Seizure of Illegal E-Cigarettes in North Wales

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UK police and trading standards officials conducted a joint inspection of a local e-cigarette retailer, seizing over 300 illegal products.

According to the report from UK media outlet North Wales Chronicle on December 27, British police officials teamed up with the Anglesey Trading Standards Agency to conduct a joint inspection of a local establishment in Holyhead that sells e-cigarettes.

The North Wales Police, NWP Anglesey, announced on social media that over 300 e-cigarettes that did not meet the packaging standards or exceeded legal size limits were seized with the assistance of the detention dogs from “Wagtails”.

The police express heartfelt gratitude to the community for their concern and reporting of the issue of illegal e-cigarette sales. ‘Please remember, one must be at least 18 years old to purchase e-cigarettes,’ the police quoted.

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