Latvia Imposes Fines for Minors’ Possession of E-cigarettes

Latvia Imposes Fines for Minors' Possession of E-cigarettes


Latvia government equates e-cigarettes with cigarettes, imposing fines on minors and adults for purchasing and sharing them.

According to a news report from Latvia’s media outlet Reitingi on November 15th, the Latvian government has enacted a Tobacco Products Act that equates e-cigarettes with regular cigarettes. As a result, minors may be subject to fines for purchasing, using, or possessing e-cigarettes and their cartridges, even if they simply pick them up off the ground.

Adults who purchase e-cigarettes and share them with minors will face fines ranging from 35 to 200 euros (approximately 275 to 1572 RMB). The maximum penalty for selling tobacco products and e-cigarettes to minors is 280 to 350 euros (approximately 2201 to 2751 RMB) for individuals and 400 to 700 euros (approximately 3144 to 5503 RMB) for corporations.

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