Lithuania Government Rejects Proposed Amendments to E-cigarette Sales

Lithuania Government Rejects Proposed Amendments to E-cigarette Sales


Lithuania’s government rejects proposed amendments to allow e-cigarette prescription sales, citing possible restrictions on youth usage.

According to media outlet Kurier Wilenski on November 15th, the Lithuanian government has decided to reject proposed amendments to the legislation regarding the prescription of e-cigarettes and their sale in pharmacies.

In response to this, former Minister of Health Aurelijus Veryga clarified, “There is a misconception about my suggestion regarding the sale of e-cigarettes in pharmacies, requiring a doctor’s prescription. We are not proposing to move all e-cigarettes to pharmacies for prescription-only sales at this time. If e-cigarettes are recognized as medicinal products, they could be sold in pharmacies with a prescription, similar to the current practice with medical nicotine gum for smoking cessation. However, this is only a theoretical possibility, which is why I recommend a total ban on the sale of e-cigarettes in Lithuania.”

Meanwhile, Gintaras Karanda, the head of the Department of Drug, Tobacco, and Alcohol Control, has noted that the legislation may restrict teenagers’ use of e-cigarettes.

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