French Health Minister Urges Prime Minister to Ditch E-Cigarette Amid Health Concerns

French Health Minister Urges Prime Minister to Quit E-Cigarette

French Health Minister Aurélien Rousseau has urged Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne to stop using e-cigarettes in parliament, according to French media outlet Leparisien. The Minister commented on Borne’s frequent use of e-cigarettes in the National Assembly and advised her to cease this habit, while also expressing understanding of the process of transitioning from smoking to e-cigarettes.

In the past week, Senator Caroline Fiat has expressed her condemnation towards Senator Bonn for using an e-cigarette during the introduction of a new bill. “Here, we establish laws and are not above the law. When I am speaking to you (Boen) and you are vaping an e-cigarette in this room, it is a blatant disregard,” she stated.

In parliament and various public forums, Bonn frequently utilizes an e-cigarette, a practice that has drawn criticism from opposing lawmakers. The Health Minister attempted to defend Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, stating “I hope she will stop using e-cigarettes, and I also understand that this is a rather unpleasant moment.”

Furthermore, he believes that according to the regulations of the National Assembly, using e-cigarettes in parliament is not authorized. Meanwhile, Rousseau stated that the Prime Minister uses e-cigarettes in order to quit smoking. He added, “What I want to do is ensure that those who provide colorful packaging, fragrances, and similar enticing factors do not encourage young people to smoke.”

[1] Le ministre de la Santé conseille à Élisabeth Borne ne plus vapoter dans l’hémicycle
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