Controversy Surrounding E-Cigarette Sales Near Children’s Candy Stores

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York Council’s trade standards team visited B&M store following concerns over the sale of e-cigarettes near children’s sweets.

According to a report from Yorkpress, a trade standards team from the York City Council visited B&M stores to inquire about the reasons behind selling e-cigarettes in close proximity to popular sweets loved by children.

After the issue was raised by the local democratic reporting service, the well-being and health of children have become the top priority for the lawmakers.

The e-cigarette products sold in the B&M stores in the city offer a wide range of flavors, including various candy flavors. Interestingly, they are even displayed alongside chocolate brands like Aero, Galaxy, Maltesers, etc., in the sales area.

Despite not being technically illegal, Jenny Kent, Chair of the City Council Environment and Climate Emergency Committee, expressed her disbelief, saying, “I find it difficult to comprehend how anyone could think it is acceptable to promote e-cigarettes near children in the dessert aisle.”

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