Waitrose to Stop Selling Disposable E-Cigarettes


UK supermarket chain Waitrose has announced it will stop selling disposable e-cigarettes due to environmental and health concerns.

In a recent development, the UK chain supermarket Waitrose has made the decision to cease selling disposable e-cigarettes. According to reports from the British media outlet Joe, Waitrose states that it is unable to identify a legitimate reason to continue retailing disposable e-cigarette products.


Despite the fact that the health impacts of e-cigarette use are relatively less harmful compared to traditional smoking, the long-term risks remain unclear. Given the potential effects of these products on the environment and the health of young individuals, Vitros has decided to halt the sale of lithium-containing e-cigarette products under its “Ten Motives” brand.


The Irish government has previously proposed a nationwide ban on the sale of disposable e-cigarettes.


According to reports, Waitrose is a premium supermarket in the UK, affiliated with the John Lewis Partnership. It is known for offering high quality and diverse food and goods, with a focus on excellent service and a satisfying shopping experience. Its product range includes food, beverages, and everyday items, positioning itself in the high-end market. As part of the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose prioritizes social responsibility and upholds the cooperative ownership principles of the partnership.


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