Congress Fails to Pass Policy Amendment Vital for E-cigarette Industry


A policy amendment aimed at saving the e-cigarette industry fails to pass, potentially leading to industry collapse and job losses.

According to a report from thelibertarianrepublic on November 14, the recently released House omnibus spending bill revealed that a policy amendment that could have saved the e-cigarette industry did not pass.


This amendment aims to modify the regulations set by the FDA. According to the original FDA regulations, e-cigarette products released after February 15, 2007, must undergo costly approval processes, which poses a significant burden for small businesses.


In response to this, Gregory Conley, Chairman of the American E-Cigarette Association, stated, “This agreement protects the cigarette market, and congressional leaders have missed a genuine opportunity that would have been beneficial to national public health and small businesses.


Conley further stated, “If the regulations from 2007 are not revised, over 99.9% of e-cigarette products currently on the market will be prohibited. The FDA’s proposal is a complete catastrophe, and if Congress does not take action soon, it will result in loss of employment and lives.


If officially implemented, it is estimated that this regulation could potentially bankrupt 99% of the e-cigarette industry, impacting thousands of job positions and having a detrimental effect on healthy competition within the e-cigarette sector.


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