Uncovering the Debate: The Legalization of Marijuana in Colombia

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Colombia’s controversial bill on the regulation of marijuana for adult use faces obstacles in parliament as opposition increases.

In recent days, it has been reported by Semana magazine that Colombia has been regulating the possession, consumption, and cultivation of up to 20 cannabis plants since 1986, and legalized it in 1994. However, in the week leading up to the end of the regular session in Congress, the project for the normalization of adult cannabis use seems to have encountered more obstacles than progress. If this bill does not pass in the fourth debate, it may be abandoned.

The controversial decision by President Gustavo Petro to no longer prosecute the use and possession of marijuana in public places has sparked significant opposition, leading to a debate in the Colombian Congress on the issue.

According to Senator María José Pizarro, the objective of this project is to…

Protect children who are victims of illegal activities, prohibit the sale in school settings, and reclaim this business from criminal syndicates thriving and expanding through government’s lack of control.

Based on this rationale, Pizarro and representative Juan Carlos Losada came up with this bill together and sought unique methods, such as composing a song, to grab people’s attention and spark debate.

In a song performed by Valentina Arteaga, Pizarro shared a video advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

“So this project is crucial,” declared Pizarro, explaining that many countries have already engaged in discussions and made progress on this issue. “We have suffered the most severe blows from war and drug trafficking, and we cannot afford to arrive late or continue to be impacted by something that seriously damages our trade.

The controversy surrounding marijuana legalization is not only limited to lawmakers, but also extends to public opinions. Some users criticize Pizarro’s proposal, arguing that it would result in a scenario similar to California, where the streets are filled with drug addicts in a state of self-impaired consciousness.

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