E-cigarette Store Employee Arrest Sparks Investigation

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South Carolina authorities are investigating an incident at an e-cigarette store involving an arrest made by undercover law enforcement officers.

According to a report from WISTV, law enforcement authorities in South Carolina have confirmed that they are currently investigating the actions of representatives from the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office during a tobacco compliance check at an e-cigarette store in Winnsboro last week.

The focus of the investigation is on the footage captured in the surveillance video of the Planet Vapor store. The video shows three plainclothes law enforcement officers entering the store, with one undercover policeman seen behind the counter near the e-cigarette store employee, Max Bowen.

The law enforcement officer seized Bowlin by the arm and pulled him around the counter to apprehend him.

Baolin was detained after being accused of selling tobacco to minors before the police entered the store. However, the Baolin brothers stated that the police did not disclose their identity and released him from handcuffs after searching him.

Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office told WISTV that Planet Vapor is under investigation for selling products to underage customers. The sheriff’s office is conducting an internal investigation into the matter.

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