Turkish Police Seize Truck with Large Amount of Smuggled Vapes


Turkish Edirne police seize truck smuggling electronic goods from Bulgaria, including e-cigarette liquid, smartwatches, Bluetooth headphones, and more. Driver arrested.

According to a report by Brgun on November 1st, the Edirne police in Turkey have successfully intercepted a truck entering from Bulgaria and seized a large quantity of smuggled electronic goods.

The seized batch of smuggled goods included 24,240 bottles of e-cigarette liquid, 21 e-cigarettes, 82 pairs of 3D glasses, 171 smartwatches, 1,824 Bluetooth earphones, 35 electric shavers, 40 projectors, 25 wireless charging vacuum cleaners, 64 wireless vacuum cleaner batteries, 10 wireless vacuum cleaner chargers, 21 smart robot vacuum cleaners, 64 landline telephones, 60 car accessories, 17 mobile phones, telescopes, and 3D printers, among others.

The vehicle driver has been arrested by the police.

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