Report Reveals Brand Market Share of E-cigarettes in California


According to a recent report from WSPM Group, FLUM dominates the e-cigarette market in California, with 43.2% market share.

Recently, a report released by the renowned global research firm WSPM Group revealed the market share of e-cigarette brands in California, United States, for the second quarter of 2023.

Report Reveals Brand Market Share of E-cigarettes in California
Image source: WSPM

The report utilized a survey method that involved collecting discarded e-cigarette devices to conduct a thorough analysis of the market share of various e-cigarette brands.

According to the survey, FLUM holds the largest market share, reaching 43.2%; meanwhile, IMiracle (Heaven Gifts) subsidiary brands ELFBAR, LOST MARY, FUNKY REPUBLIC, and EBDESIGN collectively account for over 30%.

Here are the details:

The FLUM (Freakonomics Linguistic Usage Meter) indicates a usage rate of 43.2%.

ELFBAR has experienced a growth of 14.5%.

Mary is missing with a rate of 6.4%.

Funky Republic is experiencing a growth rate of 6.3%.

EBDESIGN achieved a growth rate of 4.4%.

Truly Bar is a brand of low-alcohol beverage with an alcohol content of 2.7%.

According to recent data, HYPPE has experienced a 2.2% increase.

SWIFT has experienced a growth rate of 2.0%.

Daze witnesses a slight uptick with a 1.7% increase.

AIR BAR recorded a growth rate of 1.6%.

RELX, a global information and analytics company, reported a 1.4% growth in its latest financial results.

BuzzBar’s revenue growth for the fiscal year is at 1.2%.

Lush Alien has a concentration of 0.7%.

According to recent data, the market share of POD POCKET currently stands at 0.6%.

WAKA experienced a decrease of 0.6%.

VEEX recorded a growth rate of 0.5%.

Unknown: 0.5%

The remaining population: 9.5%.

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