Top Six Brands and Flavors of E-Cigarettes in California


A recent report by European research group WSPM revealed the top six e-cigarette brands in California for Q2 2023.

A recent report released by the well-known European research firm WSPM Group reveals the market share of various flavors among the top six brands of e-cigarettes sold in California, United States during the second quarter of 2023. The report is based on an analysis of 4,545 discarded e-cigarette samples collected locally by the research institution. The findings show that among flavored e-cigarettes, PEBBLE 6000 (FLUM) is the most popular, accounting for 33.3% of all flavored e-cigarettes. The most favored flavor within this brand is blue raspberry ice, at 2.2%.

Top Six Brands and Flavors of E-Cigarettes in California
The most popular flavored e-cigarette welcomed in California, USA is PEBBLE 6000 (FLUM) in blue raspberry ice flavor. Image source: overseas online store.

The top ranking product is PEBBLE 6000 (FLUM), with a market share of 33.3%. The distribution of its various flavors is as follows:

Top Six Brands and Flavors of E-Cigarettes in California
Watermelon flavor. Image source: overseas online store.

Blue Raspberry Ice accounts for 2.2% of the total, followed closely by Watermelon Peach at 2.0% and Strawberry Mango at 1.9%. Other popular flavors include Cool Mint at 1.8%, White Marshmallow at 1.8%, and Icy Mint at 1.7%. The coldest of them all, Arctic Freeze, also accounts for 1.7% of sales. Those who prefer fruity flavors may choose Strawberry Banana at 1.3%, Strawberry Watermelon at 1.2%, or Juicy Watermelon at 1.2%. Cherry Berry and Aloe Vera Watermelon tie at 1.1% and Aloe Vera Grape and Berry Watermelon both account for 0.9%. Other flavors, such as Peach Ice, Blueberry Mint, and Passion Fruit Kiwi, make up 0.9% of the market each. Mango Ice, Refreshing, Strawberry Watermelon Apple, and other miscellaneous flavors collectively account for 7.7% of total sales.

Top Six Brands and Flavors of E-Cigarettes in California
Peach, mango, and watermelon flavors. Image source: overseas online store.

In the second place is BC5000 (ELFBAR), accounting for 9.8% of the market share. The breakdown of its various flavors is as follows:

Watermelon Ice 0.5%, Fuji Ice 0.5%, Watermelon Bubble Gum 0.4%, Miami Mint 0.4%, Strawberry Kiwi 0.4%, Mango Peach Apricot 0.4%, Blueberry Ice 0.3%, Peach Ice 0.3%, Strawberry Ice 0.3%, Summer Time 0.3%, Peach Berry 0.3%, Sunset 0.2%, Pineapple Coconut Ice 0.2%, Triple Berry Ice 0.2%, Cherry Blossom Grape 0.2%, Dark Winter 0.2%, Cranberry Orange Grape 0.2%, Lemon Mint 0.2%, Watermelon Candy Ice 0.2%, Watermelon Banana Ice 0.2%, Other 3.7%.

Ranked third is FLOAT 5% NICOTINE (FLUM), accounting for 7.1% of the market share. The breakdown of its various flavors is as follows: blueberry raspberry at 0.9%, lime romantic at 0.8%, peach ice at 0.8%, aloe mango melon ice at 0.6%, cool mint at 0.6%, strawberry mango at 0.4%, rainbow candy at 0.4%, strawberry ice cream at 0.4%, marshmallow at 0.3%, apple ice at 0.2%, refreshing at 0.2%, strawberry banana at 0.2%, red bomb at 0.2%, chilled berry lemon at 0.2%, summer strawberry kiwi at 0.1%, aloe grape at 0.1%, tropical fruit Hawaii at 0.1%, rum ice at 0.1%, strawberry watermelon at 0.1%, banana ice at 0.1%, and others at 0.4%.

In fourth place is TI7000 (FUNKY REPUBLIC) with a market share of 6.1%. The breakdown of various flavors is as follows:

Peach, mango, and watermelon flavors make up 0.6% of the products, with cantaloupe and apple following suit at the same percentage. California cherries, blueberry ice, and watermelon ice account for 0.5% each. Passion fruit, kiwi, and lime combine to equal 0.5%. Pink bombs and tropical rainbow explosions represent 0.4% each. Pineapple coconut ice, strawberry banana, and super berries make up 0.4% as well. Rainbow clouds, tropical islands, and peach pies account for 0.3% each. Grapefruit pearl grapes, mixed fruits, and mango kisses make up 0.2% each. Lastly, a blend of fruit flavors represents 0.1%, while mango kisses account for 0.0%.

Ranked fifth is OS5000 (LOST MARY) with a 3.9% market share. The breakdown of flavors is as follows: Pineapple mango 0.4%, Mary’s Dream 0.3%, Cherry peach lemon soda 0.3%, Acai Berry Storm Ice 0.3%, Berry Refreshing Ice 0.2%, Strawberry Ice 0.2%, Black Mint 0.2%, Juicy Peach 0.2%, Raspberry Lemon Soda 0.2%, Peach Mango Watermelon 0.2%, Blueberry Ice 0.2%, Crazy Blue 0.2%, Cherry Cola 0.1%, Watermelon 0.1%, Strawberry Mango 0.1%, Strawberry Sundae 0.1%, Mint 0.1%, Blackberry Strawberry Banana 0.1%, Lemon Lime Sparkling Water 0.1%, Blue Cotton Candy 0.1%, Other 0.3%.

The sixth position is held by BC5000 US EDITION (EBDESIGN) with a market share of 3.7%. The breakdown of various flavors is as follows:

Miami Mint 0.4% Blueberry Ice 0.4% Triple Berry Ice 0.3% Sakura Grape 0.3% Strawberry Ice 0.2% Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice 0.2% Strawberry Kiwi 0.1% Watermelon Bubblegum 0.1% Sunset 0.1% Cool Mint 0.1% Blueberry Pomegranate Ice 0.1% Lemon Mint 0.1% Strawberry Banana 0.1% Tropical Rainbow Blast 0.0% Strawberry Watermelon 0.0% Watermelon Candy Ice 0.0% Snow Grapes 0.0% Strazz 0.0% Other 0.4%


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