Malaysian E-Cig Consumers Association Opposes GEG Bill, Calls for Independent Regulation


Malaysia’s e-cigarette consumers association opposes the “GEG” bill, calling for an independent regulatory framework for the industry.

The Malaysian E-cigarette Consumers Association recently voiced its opposition to the Total Smoke Termination (GEG) Bill, calling on the government to establish an independent regulatory framework for the industry. Its chairman, Tengku Aslahuddin, highlighted the fundamental differences between e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes, thus advocating for separate regulations and oversight of the e-cigarette industry.

Banning e-cigarettes entirely in the GEG bill could have far-reaching consequences as it may restrict people’s access to potentially less harmful alternatives.

Dato’ Seri Aslahuddin Che Pa of the Malaysian Islamic Party states that cigarette smuggling has cost the government a staggering RM36 billion in tax revenue loss in 2021.

The e-cigarette industry has emerged as a key player in job creation, particularly within the Malay community, as numerous thriving businesses along its supply chain have generated thousands of employment opportunities.

Aslakhudin urges the government to reconsider the GEG bill, separating e-cigarettes from it and establishing an independent regulatory framework for the industry. He argues that a complete ban on e-cigarettes could have devastating consequences, leading to the loss of thousands of jobs.

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