Tijuana Airport Arrest: Woman Nabbed with Over 600 Marijuana Products

Woman Arrested at Tijuana Airport with Over 600 Marijuana Products

In a recent operation at Tijuana Airport in Mexico, a woman found herself in legal trouble as the National Guard apprehended her upon discovering over 600 marijuana products in her luggage, as reported by Diariodemorelos.

During an inspection of domestic departure platforms, a trained drug detection dog displayed unusual physical reactions, prompting a closer examination of the corresponding suitcase. This scrutiny led to the discovery of a substantial quantity of marijuana-infused products.

Upon thorough inspection, authorities found the box to contain 188 bags of various colored items and 440 e-cigarettes potentially containing marijuana. The detained woman was informed of her rights and her possessions were handed over to the prosecutor for the resolution of her legal issues.

Stay informed on the Tijuana Airport arrest, the National Guard’s operation, and the legal consequences surrounding drug possession. This incident sheds light on airport security incidents and emphasizes the importance of enforcing drug-related laws.

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