FDA Announces Increased Fines for Violations of Nicotine Product Regulations

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed an escalation in fines for nicotine companies and retailers found in violation of federal laws pertaining to nicotine products, as reported by Vaporvoice on November 14th.

This development is in accordance with the 2015 Federal Civil Penalty Inflation Adjustment Act Improvement Act, which mandates periodic adjustments of fines to account for inflation. The revised fine amounts are detailed as follows:

First violation: $0 (accompanied by a warning letter)
2 violations within 12 months: $345 ($320 initially)
3 violations within 24 months: $687 ($638 initially)
4 violations within 24 months: $2,757 ($2,559 initially)
5 violations within 36 months: $6,892 ($6,397 initially)
6 violations within 48 months: $13,785 ($12,794 initially)

These civil fines are applicable to e-cigarette and other tobacco companies or retailers found to be in breach of regulations stipulated by the FDA concerning e-cigarettes and other tobacco products. This encompasses scenarios where e-cigarette companies neglect to incorporate appropriate warning labels or retailers fail to verify the age of purchasers when selling any nicotine products.

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