The Influence of E-Cigarette Marketing on Teens’ Views

Impact of E-cigarette Advertising on Teenagers' Perceptions
85% of teenagers have been exposed to e-cigarette advertisements, despite WHO recommendations against them, according to a study.

A study conducted in Australia, China, India, and the United Kingdom reveals that 85% of young adults have been exposed to e-cigarette advertisements.

These advertisements, despite violating the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation to prohibit all forms of e-cigarette advertising, are widespread on the internet and other difficult-to-regulate digital media platforms.

Despite the strict control policies implemented by many governments on e-cigarettes, advertisements for e-cigarettes still find ways to reach adolescents and lead them to misconceptions about e-cigarettes.

Multiple studies have confirmed the significant harm of e-cigarettes on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as an increased risk of nicotine addiction, particularly affecting children and adolescents.

Among the 4,107 participants in the study, 85% of the respondents stated that they had been exposed to at least one form of e-cigarette advertisement, with the majority encountered through social media platforms.

Every additional exposure to media advertisements among young people leads to a 5% increase in the consumption rate of e-cigarettes.

Men are more prone to smoking than women.

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