Ontario Schools Launch E-Cigarette Monitoring Program

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Canadian education board in Ontario’s Near North District successfully implements e-cigarette monitoring program in Almaquin Middle School.

Recently, according to the Canadian news website BayToday, the Near North District School Board in Ontario, Canada has successfully implemented a student e-cigarette monitoring program. The education board has installed e-cigarette detectors in the restrooms of Almaquin Middle School.

The school board has taken notice of a growing trend of “teenager vaping” in our country, which is causing a negative impact on both staff and students. The board has outlined this trend in detail in a report. E-cigarettes have become a concern within school premises, prompting the board to take action and reduce the usage of e-cigarettes, while encouraging children to adopt healthier lifestyles.

The dressing rooms and bathrooms have been installed with e-cigarette detectors, which are similar in size to ordinary smoke detectors and cost around $100 to $1,000. High-end models are mounted on the ceiling or walls. The school board received provincial funding to equip Alma Gold High School with these detectors.

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