The Hidden Risks of Vaping: Poisoning and Health Hazards

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The Dangers of E-cigarettes: Poisonings and Health Risks in Vietnam

In recent days, according to Vietnamese media VTV, Dr. Nguyen Trung Nguyen, a medical doctor, has stated that the Vietnam Poisoning Control Center treats patients suffering from e-cigarette poisoning every day. Many of these cases involve students and young people experiencing acute poisoning due to the presence of drugs mixed with e-cigarettes.

Cases of e-cigarette poisoning typically present with symptoms such as seizures, agitation, weakness, hallucinations, mental confusion, coma, brain damage, and damage to other organs, causing significant health implications.

According to relatives of the patient, a patient tried a new flavored e-cigarette recommended by a salesman. By the next morning at 5 am, the patient experienced seizures and began foaming at the mouth. The patient was initially taken to a local hospital for emergency treatment but showed no signs of improvement. On December 9th, the patient was transferred to a poison control center.

The test results of the e-cigarette samples carried by the patient indicated the presence of synthetic marijuana ingredients.

Dr. Ruan Zhongyuan also stated that the majority of individuals have a very simplistic understanding of e-cigarettes, believing that they do not contain addictive nicotine. However, this is a completely erroneous perception. In reality, e-cigarettes are devices that use electric heating to generate smoke from a mixture of various artificial chemicals, intended for human enjoyment. E-cigarettes contain three harmful risk factors to health: nicotine, artificial flavorings, and toxins.

Dr. Ruan Zhongyuan also stated that the nicotine content in e-cigarettes is even significantly higher than that in traditional cigarettes. This nicotine is in a synthetic chemical form. In powdered form, the nicotine content approaches purity and is formulated to provide a smooth inhalation sensation, making it easy for users to consume in large quantities, leading to rapid poisoning and addiction.

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