Bulgaria to Prohibit Sale of Non-Tobacco Flavored Products by 2024

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Bulgaria will ban all heated tobacco products, excluding tobacco flavor, from January 1st, 2024, to comply with EU regulations.

According to recent reports by Bulgarian media outlet Novinite, all heated tobacco products, excluding tobacco-flavored ones, will cease to be sold in Bulgaria starting from January 1, 2024. This regulation was established through the revision of the Tobacco and Tobacco Products Act by legislators without causing any controversy.

The recently approved amendment to the tobacco and tobacco products law by the House of Representatives has established this provision without any debate. This move is in response to a directive from the European Commission, non-compliance of which could result in criminal prosecution against Bulgaria. The aim of these amendments is to reduce the appeal of heated tobacco products, particularly by eliminating fragrance options.

In addition, each package of heated tobacco products must display warnings, emphasizing the associated risks during use.

According to the updated legislation, the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy and Industry will be responsible for banning additives in tobacco products that have significantly increased toxicity, addictiveness, or risks of cancer, mutation, or reproductive toxicity.

These legislative amendments await formal announcement in the national gazette published by the government.

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