Thai Ministry of Education Condemns Illegal E-cigarette Sales


Thai Education Minister Kobivoni Yawanawat condemns the illegal sale of e-cigarettes and emphasizes a zero-tolerance policy in schools.

On November 1st, according to a report by Matichon, Thailand’s Minister of Education, Kobvi Yanyawarab, condemned all illegal vendors of e-cigarettes on the first day of school and emphasized the “zero tolerance” policy against e-cigarettes by schools and educational authorities.


The rapid spread of e-cigarette vapor on Thai campuses has raised concerns among schools and education authorities. Yannawatra emphasized that the use of e-cigarettes poses a potential threat to both schools and students’ health.


The education authorities in Bangkok have taken action, emphasizing a zero-tolerance policy towards e-cigarettes and urging schools to take measures to curb their spread on campuses. Furthermore, research on the dangers of e-cigarettes is still ongoing, so users of e-cigarettes need to remain vigilant about the effects of their usage.


The complexity of the e-cigarette issue requires collective efforts from the whole society, including schools, educational departments, parents, and students. The Minister of Education, Yannick Varrault, has expressed his commitment to continue working with all parties involved to ensure that schools remain safe and healthy environments free from the impact of e-cigarettes. To achieve this goal, increased education, awareness, and cooperation are necessary from all stakeholders.


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