Polynesia Government Plans to Revise Tobacco Tax and Regulations


Polynesia government plans to establish a working group to revise tobacco taxes and regulations amid stricter controls in neighboring countries.

According to a report by Radio1, the Polynesian government is planning to establish a task force to revise tobacco taxation and regulations. Countries like New Zealand and Australia have already begun implementing stricter control measures and increasing taxes on products related to e-cigarettes.


This initiative was jointly undertaken by Tevaiti Pomare, who is in charge of taxation, and his colleague Cédric Mercadal from the Ministry of Health. During a ministerial meeting held this Tuesday, the two leaders proposed the establishment of an “interdepartmental task force” to “commence the revision of regulations concerning tobacco and its taxation.


The group will begin weekly meetings from mid-November in order to swiftly produce far-reaching reform measures to combat tobacco use. This will not only impact “conventional” smokers, who may feel unease due to the increase in cigarette prices, but e-cigarettes have also become a focal point for the government’s attention.


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