Sustainable Solutions: JTI Bulgaria’s Initiative for Responsible Cigarette Butt Disposal

JTI Bulgaria's Campaign to Properly Dispose of Cigarette Butts
JTI Bulgaria launches a campaign to educate tobacco users on the proper disposal of cigarette butts, citing EU study findings.

According to reports from Investor, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) Bulgaria is currently running a promotional campaign aimed at raising awareness among tobacco product users about the proper disposal of cigarette butts, encouraging them to discard them in designated areas.

The event took place in November and December 2023 and was promoted through broadcasting and social media. The company stated that, according to a study conducted by the European Union, an average of three out of every ten tobacco product filters are not properly disposed of.

According to reports, the promotional campaign titled “Will You Tell Me?” is being conducted by JTI Bulgaria to enforce regulation 23 that aims to reduce the environmental impact of certain plastic products.

Márton Pataki, Manager of JTI Bulgaria, stated that we do not need precise statistical data to take responsibility for our environment. Properly disposing of cigarette butts requires minimal effort but yields immediate results.

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