Revolutionary Smoke Detection Technology Unveiled by Russian Innovators

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The engineers at St. Petersburg State University have developed the first electronic smoke detection system to combat e-cigarette accidents.

Recently, according to Aif report, engineers from Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in Russia have developed the first electronic smoke prevention system, in response to accidents caused by e-cigarettes.

It is reported that the device can detect the composition of smoke in the air and transmit it to a server, aiding in determining if someone is using an e-cigarette indoors.

A team of researchers from St. Petersburg National Aerospace Instrumentation University has developed a device that can detect the use of e-cigarettes in the environment, in response to the increasing incidents of harm and accidents caused by their usage. This innovative product is expected to provide assistance to educational institutions such as schools and universities, by reducing the prevalence of e-cigarette users on campus.

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