Shop Owner in Bristol Loses Alcohol License and Sells Illegal E-cigarettes

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Bristolpost reported on December 21st that a shop owner in Bristol had his alcohol license revoked for selling alcohol to underage football fans and illegally selling disposable e-cigarettes.

According to a report by Bristolpost, a store owner in Bristol, UK had his liquor license revoked due to police complaints that he sold alcohol to underage football fans before and after a match this year. Additionally, the shop was found to have made multiple illegal sales of disposable e-cigarettes.

Iryan Jamal, the owner of Ashton Gate Market located near Ashton Road, in close proximity to the sports stadium, has openly demonstrated a disregard for legal and licensing terms. Interestingly, the license is apparently held by his wife.

During a hearing, the License Commission learned that the police and the Trade Standards Bureau had made multiple visits in 2023 and found the sale of untaxed tobacco, illegal e-cigarettes, and a lack of compliance with alcohol licensing conditions. Chairman of the Commission, City Councilor Richard Eddy, stated that officials from the police and trade standards department provided “unprecedented detailed information” regarding the numerous visits and warnings received by the store during 2023.

Mr. Jamal apologizes for the violations of the alcohol permit and the discovery of illegal disposable e-cigarettes in his store. He claims that his employees continued to purchase and sell illegal e-cigarettes despite being warned once. During the hearing, a police officer informed the lawmakers that he had also received an official warning for selling alcohol without a permit at another store in nearby Bedminster.

During a recent store inspection, the Trade Standards Bureau discovered a total of 62,761 illegal disposable e-cigarettes. In this country, the sale of e-cigarettes is only permitted if they contain enough e-liquid for 600 uses. However, Ashton Gate’s local market was found to be selling e-cigarettes with the capacity for 9,000 uses.

Jamal said, “I made a mistake, I apologize, and I won’t do it again. Every store is selling these illegal e-cigarettes. You can buy them in cash and carry places, and the person who sold them to me told me they were legal. I asked the seller if this was prohibited, and he said it wasn’t. However, I take responsibility for anything sold in the store.

The sale of disposable e-cigarettes in stores does not require a license, so the committee made up of three lawmakers can only revoke alcohol permits. The committee’s chairman, Councilman Eddie, said, “To be frank, based on my experience, the police and trade standards department have provided us with a range of detailed information showing blatant disregard for the conditions of the license, as well as serious allegations of illegal e-cigarette activity.

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