Man in Novosibirsk Sentenced to Fine for Selling Fake Cigarettes

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A man in Novosibirsk, Siberia, has been fined 500,000 rubles for illegally selling counterfeit cigarettes.

According to recent reports from the Press Office of the Transport Prosecutor’s Office in Western Siberia, a man in Novosibirsk has been fined 500,000 rubles for selling counterfeit cigarettes.

The court has determined that the man, in January of this year, entered into an agreement with others to transport counterfeit cigarettes on behalf of another party. He illegally obtained around 27,000 boxes of unbranded tobacco products, valued at over 1.7 million rubles. It was his intention to sell these counterfeit cigarettes through social media.

The staff of the New Siberian Customs have successfully cracked down on this illegal trading activity and carried out large-scale raids on these unmarked tobacco products at the New Siberian Airport.

According to the Transport Prosecutor’s Office and the defendant’s orientation, the Oubus City District Court lawfully sentenced the man for violating the legal provisions regarding the purchase, storage, and sale of tobacco products that require special consumption tax labels, and ordered him to pay a fine of 500,000 rubles.

The police have lawfully seized the man’s car to ensure the execution of the judgement.

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