Shenzhen Takes Actions to Crackdown on Illegal E-cigarette Sales


Shenzhen Tobacco Authority cracks down on the illegal sales of flavored e-cigarettes in Nanshan district.

According to a report from Shenzhen News Network on November 4th, the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in Nanshan District of Shenzhen stated that several e-cigarette stores in the area have been semi-publicly selling flavored e-cigarettes, including products such as “Fruity Mix”, which are considered to be of low quality and are being sold in the market without proper regulation. The Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in Nanshan District has announced that they will launch a special campaign to thoroughly investigate and regulate all non-standard e-cigarette products within their jurisdiction.


Recently, the Nanshan District Tobacco Monopoly Bureau issued a letter titled “A Letter to the E-cigarette Retailers in Nanshan District”, expressing concerns about the increasing presence of non-standard e-cigarettes in the market. In response, they have initiated a comprehensive investigation and crackdown on such products. Additionally, they are encouraging the public to actively report any illegal activities related to e-cigarettes and providing a hotline number for complaints: 0755-26562671.


Experts suggest that the tobacco regulatory authorities in Shenzhen, the global hub of the e-cigarette industry, can collaborate with municipal supervision, public security, and other law enforcement agencies to carry out special law enforcement inspections across the city. This effort aims to trace individual non-compliant retail stores back to their production sources, establish relevant precedents, safeguard consumer rights, and aid in the smooth and healthy development of the e-cigarette industry.


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