Havering Council Cracks Down on Underage E-cigarette Sales


Havering Council in the UK tests local retailers on selling e-cigarettes to minors; all shops visited refuse sales.

According to a report from the Romford Recorder, the Havering Borough Council in the United Kingdom has conducted an “e-cigarette test” on local retail stores to investigate whether they sell e-cigarettes to underage individuals.

This inspection targeted seven establishments and involved the assistance of teenage volunteers appointed by the city council to crack down on the sale of age-restricted products such as e-cigarettes by retailers. All visited stores declined to sell e-cigarettes to the underage volunteers.

The city council will subsequently conduct a review of all businesses, and any further violations may result in a re-examination of their licenses or potential legal action.

According to Ray Morgan, the leader of the Haverling City Council, “We are pleased to see our local businesses helping protect our teenagers by not selling e-cigarette and similar products to underage individuals.

Morghan stated that they will continue to carry out such visits to businesses to ensure the same in the future. The strictest measures will be taken against individuals who fail to comply with the regulations, and legal action will be pursued when necessary.

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