RELX Stock Price Rises, Institutional Investors Adjust Holdings

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RELX Technology Inc.’s stock price rose 4.8% in midday trading on December 27, with institutional investors adjusting their holdings.

According to financial market analysis on December 27th, RELX Technology Inc. (NYSE: RLX) saw a 4.8% increase in its stock price during midday trading. The company’s shares briefly rose to $2.00 and finally closed at $1.98, with approximately 4,474,611 shares changing hands, representing a 47% decrease from the average daily trading volume of 8,412,278 shares.

In recent times, there have been adjustments in the ownership of RELX Technology stocks by institutional investors and hedge funds.

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. acquired stock shares valued at approximately $27,000, while Vanguard Personalized Indexing Management LLC purchased shares worth around $37,000 in the third quarter. In the first quarter, Apollon Wealth Management LLC acquired stock shares valued at approximately $38,000. Clear Street Markets LLC made a new purchase in the fourth quarter, acquiring stock shares valued at around $40,000. Lastly, Mariner LLC purchased stock shares worth approximately $47,000 in the third quarter.

Currently, institutional investors and hedge funds hold 22.68% of RELX Technology company’s stocks.

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